Barbados Workshops

Barbados Workshops

This is the web site for Linkage Lab Barbados workshops at Bellairs. Organized by Ileana Streinu and the Linkage Lab at McGill University's Bellairs Research Institute in Barbados Each year's workshop has a link to its site below.

Partial funding for the 2001-2004 workshops was provided by NSF under grants CCR-0104370 and CCR-0203224.

Publications Related to Barbados Workshops

A list of publications related to the Barbados Workshops held between 2006 and 2008 is available in PDF format.


2011: Computational Geometry and Applications

This workshop will address primarily theoretical, geometric problems of an algorithmic nature.

2010: Rigidity Theory and Applications

Rigidity theory underlies many problems and has applications in sensor networks, computational biology and computer aided design (CAD). This workshop will address both theoretical and applied problems. Participants will investigate topics such as global rigidity with applications to the sensor network localization problem.

2009: Geometric constraints with applications in CAD and biology

Body-bar structure

2008: Rigidity and enumeration.

Workshop on rigidity and enumeration problems.

Planar Laman Graph

2007: Dynamics under constraints II.

Workshop on dynamics under constraints.

2006: Dynamics under constraints.

Workshop on dynamics under constraints.

2005: NMR Geometry.

Workshop on NMR Geometry.

2004: Geometry of Modeling Proteins.

Workshop on protein modeling.

2003: Geometry of Protein Folding.

Workshop on protein folding.

2002: Rigidity Theory and Scene Analysis.

Workshop on Rigidity Theory and Scene Analysis.

2001: Pseudo-Triangulations.

Workshop on Pseudo-Triangulations.